Healing and Recovery

Who else hates being injured?  I am writing this from the confines of my couch and it is excruciatingly infuriating.  My Type A personality and go-go-go mind are whirring away, bombarding me with endless to-do lists and all the things I wish I could be accomplishing right now.  My brain is trying to convince me... Continue Reading →

Vegan Hard Cheddar Cheese

A vegan cheese that's sliceable, grateable, meltable, stretchable and delicious.... say WHAAAAAT? That's right, friends.  One magical ingredient can do all that!  It is the key to your homemade vegan cheese dreams! Let's talk cheese for a minute.  Cheese is fantastic.  It's creamy, salty, fatty, and loaded with casomorphins that make your brain go batshit... Continue Reading →

Mountain Biking at Brian Head

I love bikes.  Passionately.  Especially bike races.  There is something fantastic about the mountain biking community that I love so much.  People from all ages and walks of life coming together to celebrate the beauty of nature and push the limits of the human body.  It is a sport of balance.  Full of seeming contradictions... Continue Reading →

Cherry-Ginger Raw Truffles

Summer is in full swing here in Utah and I am obsessing over all the fresh fruit that is flooding the farmer’s markets and local grocery stores. Specifically, cherries. Yes, cherry season is my favorite time of year.  It makes my little Washingtonian heart sing with joy.  Nothing beats a rich, deep red, Yakima cherry. ... Continue Reading →

Nature’s Perfect Balance

Since I was young, I have always loved anything that gets me out in nature.  I have felt a special sense of connection to forests, to the color green, to the fresh earthiness of a spring day.  I was lucky enough to grow up with the most amazing backyards.  Spectacular Old-Growth rainforests literally right behind... Continue Reading →

Buffalo Cauliflower Baked Mac and Cheese

My dear husband is a hot sauce fanatic.  We often joke that he has Sriracha running through his veins in place of blood.  And Cholula.  Cholula on all the potatoes.  Hot chili oil?  Yup.  And don’t even get me started on buffalo sauce.  Buffalo everything. One of our favorite challenges in the kitchen is when... Continue Reading →

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